As the only company in spray on chrome trade we offer our business in franchise form. Thanks to us being in business for the longest in Poland we have collected all our experience in form of an unique know-how, which we want to present to you. Further down you will find out how to become a part in our franchise network in spray on chrome trade in the world.

Open your business

5 steps is all it takes to become part of the biggest franchise network in spray on chrome trade:

  1. Call our company and have technical consultation. Arrange a meeting.
  2. Meeting in the sales office with owner and technologist. Full presentation of spray on chrome technology, assemblages and products show, instruction video presentation.
  3. Signing partnership contract and investment in technology.
  4. Implementation of the technology to the establishment. Delivery of assemblages, products and perform 3-4 day training.
  5. Signing of long-term partnership contract. Provision of all warranties from our company to the partner.
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