Color-Chrome Worldwide

The company

Color-Chrome Worldwide is leading brand on european spray on chrome market. We are technology type of business involved in production, distribution and implementation of spray on chrome technology. We guarantee never stopping research towards our technology’s development and pro-ecology standards.

The team

Thanks to innovatory training system, we currently have highly qualified, professional and experienced team. As a company, we currently employ the highest number of people in the industry in Europe.


In Poland, our company has been open to business for the longest period of time. We account over 5 years of experience, this includes international customers. Results of our work are publicly visible in Poland and across Europe.


We guarantee top quality in the world. Thanks to our product & layers compilation, we offer the strongest and the thickest spray on chrome coating ever achieved, which has been proved in lab tests. We are the only company in the industry that owns patent applications and innovative technology solutions.

Why us?

What makes us different to any other companies on the market and what is our advantage? Our compilation of devices, chemical products and lacquers, and training and knowledge transfer techniques is developed entirely in-house. Using our technology solutions you become an owner of a branch of our brand, which stands out in the industry for:

  • the strongest spray on chrome coating in the world,
  • the thickest spray on chrome layer in the world (0.3 - 0.4mm),
  • the thickest coat of pure silver (assay 999, 0.07 micron),
  • color spray on chrome, as the only in UK, Europe and the rest of the world is in proportion of 1:1 in regards to hue and structure of galvanic chrome,
  • the best made and the most durable spray on chrome assemblage in the world,
  • owning certificates for manufactured assemblages (as the only one in UK),
  • using certified chemical products and lacquers provided by licensed provider (as the only one in UK),
  • the most recognizable logotype in the industry,
  • the best quality in UK, Europe and the world (proven by multiple tests),
  • the best training system in UK, Europe and the world, created by technologists and specialists (as the only one in Poland),
  • being on the market for the longest time in the industry in Poland,
  • the most developed distribution system in the industry,
  • owning multiple patents related to spray on chrome technology (as the only one in Poland),
  • assisting in obtaining funding to open your business,
  • being author of the only book in the world describing spray on chrome technology.

Your business, our equipment

How to?

Contact our technology department and find out everything about our solutions. Visit our sales office and get to see quality we offer for yourself.


Where to get funding?

Thanks to professional and individual business plan we can help obtain funding from EU and Banks. Our know-how is unique, which is why obtaining funding was never this easy.


Where and what equipment to buy?

We guarantee comprehensive technical support, training system and chemical & lacquer product distribution, and variety of devices required to fulfill our technology. You have guarantee of our full technical support.